CAPR 35-5 provides direction on who is available to receive advanced promotions. The two most common cases are prior cadets and Regular and Reserve Officer of the Armed Forces. Currently, eServices does not have a way to process special appointments, so they will need to be completed by filling out a CAP Form 2 and send it up your chain of command. When filling out the Form 2, ensure you do the following:

Section I: Fill out every box. "Current Duty Assignment" can be left blank if not assigned a duty
Section II: Fill out as much as possible
Section III: Select the grade you are requesting (If Officer grade)

                 Put a check in section 2 next to "Special Appointment/Promotion"

                 Select the justification for the advanced promotion

Section IV: Select the grade you are requesting (If NCO grade)

Section VII: Fill out the Squadron Commander approval section

Section IX: Use this field to justify the promotion. Do not list reasons like "John Doe works very hard with the cadet program". Keep it to what the regulation allows advanced placement for such as "John Doe is an Active Duty Major in the Air Force. Requesting advanced promotion IAW CAPR 35-5 Para 3.4. Please see his ID attached." or "Jane Doe achieved the Spaatz Award as a cadet and maintained her membership. She is eligible for promotion to the grade of Captain IAW CAPR 35-5 para 3.7."

When submitting for a promotion for something that cannot be verified in eServices, you need to provide the proof that they obtained that item. For service members you can use ID cards with their grade or a DD214. Pilots will need a copy of their flight certificates etc. If you have any questions as to what qualifies as proof, please ask.